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    "Growing Honest Food - An Oasis of Italian Traditions in the Suburbs"

    A Book by Gabriella Gomersall Hubbard
    Published by Hyland House 2012
    Launched by Stephanie Alexander

    The Book Launch

    A very successful book launch, attended by over a hundred people. The book was launched by noted author and celebrity chef Stephanie Alexander, who's short speech was an inspiring encouragement to all.

    Signing the books

    Here is Gabriella, signing the book.

  • Growing Honest Food


    Tony Lina Angelo

    GROWING HONEST FOOD celebrates and records way of life that is slowly disappearing. Growing your own has never been easier. Words like “Slow”, “Real” and “Honest” describe the food people say they want, in contrast to what they feel they normally get. That is why for many people growing your own food has become more important again. This is so for the Siciliano family. Tony and Lina’s passion, daring, perseverance and hard work have transformed a barren block of land into a slice of the Calabrian countryside, a lush and wonderful oasis.

    They have created their own small paradise where they live in touch with the natural world, where memories, family and regional traditions are still part of their lives; a place where they are most happy. Each chapter is a window into a life regulated by nature. From January to December the photographs record the changing of the seasons and the activities taking place at the Rose Creek Estate. Month by month it details the changing seasons and the activities that take place in the vineyard, in the olive grove, in the cellar (where wine and olive oil is produced), in the kitchen garden and in the kitchen where Lina shares her favourite recipes.


    I met Tony and Lina Siciliano while covering a story for the Italian language newspaper, Il Globo, in the occasion of the “Grown in Your Own Backyard- Productive Gardening Competition” in 2004. A Competition they won sharing the prize with another productive garden. When I visited their property in Keilor East I was very impressed to see what they had achieved in a quiet residential corner of Melbourne and just could not believe how productive this 2.5 hectares of land is. Its 3200 vines, its orchard, vegetable garden, 400 olive trees produce thousand of bottles of award winning wines and olive oil, hundreds of jars of passata, and preserved olives, and lots of other produce, year after year.

    The more I got to know them the more I felt the urge to write their story. For 2 and half years I have regularly visited Rose Creek Estate, interviewing Tony, Lina, Angelo, taking photographs, participating in the many activities, enjoying being in the lush garden and the wonderful wine, olive oil and delicious meals!

    An oasis of Italian tradition in the suburbs
    By Gabriella Gomersall-Hubbard
  • About the Author

    Gabriella Gomersall-hubbard

    Gabriella Gomersall Hubbard was born in Rome and after completing her Teaching Diploma, Gabriella travelled to England where she studied at the Goldsmith’s College in London. Ever since then she has lived in many countries and taught Italian in England, Nigeria and Australia. As well as her teaching diploma, she also holds a diploma in Interpreting English/Italian from RMIT University.

    More About the Author

    I was born and grew up in Rome, Italy. I traveled the world and had two beautiful children. I hold a Diploma in Interpreting English/Italian from RMIT University and spent many years teaching Italian in Primary and Secondary Schools. While living in the Bellarine peninsula I founded and produced a monthly magazine in Geelong and after moving to Melbourne I have been working at Rete Italia radio as presenter/producer and for the past 15 years I have been working as an editor and photojournalist at the Italian language newspaper Il Globo. In 2007, I was awarded the Victoria’s Multicultural Award for Excellence in Journalism.

    Gabriella Gomersall-hubbard

    My early interest in gardening and food were influenced by my father.and by my mother’s family. Although we lived in a flat we always had a small garden in which my father grew flowers, fruit trees and some vegetables.

    I have planted many gardens in different countries, in different climates. The arts in general and the visual arts have always been also an important part of my life. It is amazing how all these life paths have converged in my book ‘Growing Honest Food”: planting, harvesting vegetables and fruits, cooking, traditions, history and photography.

    Gabriella Gomersall-hubbard

    Lately I have been researching different photographic /art techniques and my art project “Secrets” has been chosen by The Counihan Gallery in Moreland to be part of their exhibition “Moreland Summer Show” (November-December 2012).

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  • Rose Creek Estate and Produce

    Scenes and produce from the wonderful Rose Creek Estate

    Many more full colour photos in the book

    JANUARYZucchini Flowers

    Fried zucchini flowers
    Zucchini flower patties>
    Zucchini omelette
    Pasta and Vajaneja-Pasta and green beans


    Panzanella- Traditional snack of bread, tomato, oreganoGood Food
    Pipi, melanzane e patate – peppers, eggpalnts and potatoes
    Pipalori atturrati –Dried chilli fried in olive oil
    Pasta alla parmigiana- pasta with eggplants


    Spaghetti col pomodoro fresco- Spaghetti with fresh tomato sauce
    Lina’s carne alla piazzaiola – Steak with tomato sauce and mozzarellapomodoro
    Pomodori ripieni di riso con patate, al forno- Baked rice stuffed tomatoes with potatoes


    Maccheroni con ragu` e polpette – Macaroni with tomato and meat sauce and meatballs
    Sguti- Sweet traditional Easter bread


    Cavolo romano – Roman cauliflowercavolo nero
    Pasta con patate e cavolo nero – Pasta with potatatoes and black kale
    Filetto d-agnello – Lamb fillet
    Olive fritte – Fried olives
    Olive tapenade


    Fegato con il velo- Liver cooked in pig’scaul
    Filetti e costatine di maiale – Marinated pork fillet and barbecued ribs
    Fagioli in umido – Sauteed beans
    Salsiccia e cime di rape- Sausages and broccoli rabe

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  • Melusina - Romantic Gypsy Belly Dance
  • How to Contact the Author

    Author: Gabriella Gomersall-Hubbard
    Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
    Telephone: 0402 629 668
    E-mail: gabriellaghubbard@gmail.com


    Hyland House:- www.hylandhouse.com.au
    Rose Creek Estate:-
    Penny Woodward:-
    Book review - www.pennywoodward.com.au

    contact photo


    Insalata di arance, limoni e finocchi- Orange, lemon and fennel salad
    Pasta e fagioli- pasta and borlotti beans
    Cime di rape e fagioli- broccoli rabe and beans
    Panicelli D’Annunzio- Little parcel in honour of the Italian poet D’Annunzio-Traditional recipe using citron peel


    Carciofi ripieni- stuffed artichokes
    Frittata di carciofi- Artichokes omelette
    Pasta con carciofi – Pasta with artichokes
    Carciofi fritti dorati- Golden fried artichokes


    Pesto alla Genovese- Pesto sauce
    Insalata con mozzarella di bufala, pomodori e basilica- salad with fresh buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes and basil
    Salmoriglio- Green sauce
    Frittata di asparagi – Asparagus omelettericotta
    Salvia fritta- Fried sage leaves


    Fave in umido- Sauteed broad beans
    Fave con salsa all’aceto – Broas beans in vinegar sauce
    Maccu con finocchietto- Broad bean puree with fennel herb
    Quadrucci con le fave- Tiny homemade pasta square soup with broad beans
    Ricotta cheese


    Spaghetti con capretto alla campagnola- Spaghetti with young goat, country style
    Piselli in umido- Sauteed fresh peas
    Pasta con piselli alla contadina- Pasta with peas, country stylezipulli
    Latte di mandorla- Almond restorative drink


    Cardi stufati- Stewed cardoons
    Baccala` fritto- Fried salted cod
    Baccala` con patate in umido- Salted cod with sautéed potatoes
    Zippuli- Traditional deep fried savoury Calabrian doughnuts
    Crispelli – Traditional Calabrian savoury with anchovies

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