Welcome to Heart of the Forge

My name is Chris, I am an artistic and traditional blacksmith using a combination of traditional and modern methods to hand forge pieces from iron and steel.

I use a coal fired forge and blacksmith's anvil. Swage blocks, tongs, Scroll templates, quench buckets, fullers, hardies, are some of the traditional blacksmith's tools that I use.

Hot forging pieces gives the flexibility to custom make pieces to suit the individual's requirements. A table can be made to an exact size and shape to fit perfectly into an akward space, or just to suit your own special taste. Hot forging iron and steel also results in a finished result that is vastly different from a manufactured piece, it has an individuality and style that can never be reproduced by mass production.

  • June162009

    Heart of the Forge web site goes up at last.

  • October252009

    The Heart of the Forge mobile van Bringing custom Blacksmith design to Melbourne.

Parisian Chair

Hand forged French style chair with spiral base, and plush red cushion, with tie ons at the back.

Fire Screen

firescreen with front silver balls & aluminum fire mesh, coated in heat resistant flat black.

Parisian Table

Top down view.

1 metre Diameter glass toped scroll work table in french style.