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At CoolCat Web Design we love ecommerce sites because they are the bread and butter of the internet. First of all we strive to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs, then we design a site that sells. Most of all, communication with our clients is key. We carefully craft an ecommerce web design that is tailor made for your business.

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Woocommerce Solutions

We use Woocommerce, which integrates beautifully with WordPress the most utilized content management system. With a huge 41% of online stores using Woocommerce as of 2017, it has a big lead over other ecommerce solutions, because it puts the business owner in control of their online store.

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To run a successful online store you need good tools, Woocommerce includes the tools you need. Combined with WordPress, Woocommerce provides the interface to run your store without having to contact your web developer. Customer’s control their own website. Finally, adding extra functionality is easy via extensions, like: live shipping prices, coupon discount, subscription and marketing extensions. Clients can easily add extensions from the dashboard by searching for Woocommerce extensions.

Payment gateways

Ecommerce web designs are incomplete without a way to securely process payments quickly and deposit the funds into the client’s account. The best ecommerce sites offer their customers another way to pay. Woocommerce integrates with many payment gateways such as eWAY and SecurePay, as well as third-party payment systems such as PayPal. For more Information you can go here Payment Gateways.

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To feel confident in purchasing online, the shop, shopping cart and checkout should be encrypted with SSL. Therefore when you can see the padlock symbol in the top left of your browser window you can shop in confidence. CoolCat Web Design makes sure that the ENTIRE site is protected by an SSL certificate. Your customers get peace of mind while the padlock is visible in the top left corner of their browser. Also importantly for SEO, Google is now attributing more page authority to HTTPS sites protected by SSL certificates. For more information about this, go here: Google Gives Search Algorithm Boost to Secure Sites