Title Responsive Web Design  Responsive Web Design

Design Philosophy

At CoolCat web Design we believe in:


  • Keeping it simple
  • Responsive web design
  • An uncluttered yet effective layout
  • Delivering a site that is easily updated
  • Giving the business owner full control
  • Creating a site that can grow with your business



Responsive Web Design one site works on ALL devices

Responsive Web Design

At CoolCat Web Design all our websites are designed to be fully responsive, displaying beautifully on all devices. From PC, Mac, to Iphone, Android and tablets. Responsive web design has now become a necessity as mobile web browsing overtakes desktop for the first time. Online sales have also seen a huge increase in sales from mobile phones. Maximizing your potential business reach means having a professional looking site on mobile. CoolCat Web Design can ensure that your site is optimized for mobiles as well as other devices.


For example, a site can start with just a basic landing page and from there can grow to a full membership e-commerce shop with a blog and more. WordPress combined with literally 1000’s of available plugins gives our customers the option to scale their site as their business or website idea grows and changes. We use WordPress with Cornerstone (CMS) and Woocommerce. These three building blocks form the basis of our responsive website designs, and allow our customers the power of the biggest CMS platform in the world. All in all the best mix of flexibility and scale-ability combined with a huge support community.

WordPress Websites

We use WordPress for all our new sites. WordPress is currently the biggest content management platform available 65% of the global market as of 2016. It’s free and open source software. It scales brilliantly through the addition of plugins, of which there are literaly 1000’s to choose from. If you want to know more about why we choose WordPress and recommend it to our clients please read: WordPress Web Design

27% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress

Cornerstone CMS

Cornerstone logo

We use Cornerstone CMS which extends the WordPress CMS adding extra point and click functions along with a live preview. Cornerstone also supports responsive web design, allowing the view of the pages to shrink or stretch with the size of the device. In addition this choice allows us to give control of updating and changing the website back to the customer. Some website designers take advantage of their customers by forcing them to pay for every content change like: photos text, videos, product listings. After finishing the site to our customers satisfaction we can give them the power to update the content on their site without having to pay us to make every little change. This can make a big difference to the website owner, not to mention save a lot on expenses. You can find out more about this easy to use Content Management System here : Conerstone WordPress page builder


We recommend our clients use Woocommerce for sites that require an ecommerce solution. It is currently the most popular ecommerce platform by a long margin. With a huge 41% of online stores using Woocommerce as of 2017. You can find more information here: How Many Websites Use WooCommerce? Usage Stats 2017

When we have a client that wishes to build an online store, we recommend Woocommerce. woocommerce logo

Woocommerce is built for WordPress, it integrates with the WordPress framework. You can sell anything, from real products and digital downloads to subscriptions and content, it’s all possible with Woocommerce. Woocommerce makes your products look just as good on the mobile as they do on a desktop or tablet. Woocomerce scales well, from selling just a few products to selling millions. Once again one of the reasons we have selected Woocommerce for use with our clients, is the strength of its support community. Finally, Woocommerce like WordPress has access to many plugins and extensions which allow you to extend your Woocommerce store way beyond the basics.

Website support

Phone support
We support all the websites we build via phone and email direct with our clients and we have maintenance contracts for long term on-going support. However having a large and vibrant support community, such as WordPress does, can help customers who want to take greater control of their site and find the information and help they need.