Melbourne WordPress Web Design

WordPress is currently the biggest content management platform available, 65% of the global market as of 2016

Advantages of WordPress

Customers can choose from the many different Content Management Systems (CMS) available. Most of these are propriatry and because they usually charge a monthly fee for their use, we don’t recomend them. Also, their upkeep, updates and security are the responsibility of the company running the CMS. Furthermore these CMS systems can be costly, their security questionable and the quality of their updates less than ideal. Because of this, CoolCat Web Design recommends our clients use WordPress as the best free, open source Content Management System currently available.

Free & Open Source

The license under which the WordPress software is released is the GPLv2. General Public Use. This means for normal use it is free to download, install and use. It is backed by a huge global community of developers and users, making improvements, and supporting other WordPress users. As a result WordPress has become the most advanced and most used CMS framework in the World.

Easily Scalable

Customers can expand their wordpress web design as their business grows. WordPress helps by giving you access to thousands of plugins which extend WordPress’ functionality. Furthermore with plugins you can add membership capabilty,  ecommerce shop to your site, responsive slideshows or beautiful portfolios with lightboxes. Other WordPress advantages are a wide range of WordPress plugins, so that almost any functionality can be added, combined with an excellent support community.

Easy To Use

First of all, right from the start, the creators of WordPress made the backend point & click interface easy to use. As a result, clients can log in to their website from anywhere with an internet connection and a web browser. Once logged in, clients can access the dashboard which allows you to manage your posts, pages, and media (images, videos ), your plugins, and web page settings. If you make a change to a page or a post, simply clicking on the publish button makes that change live to the internet. In addition, even complete beginners will be able to learn the the easy to use, point and click interface.

Design variety

A WordPress web design has thousands of themes to choose from. There are many free and paid themes, and selecting the right one can be confusing. Different themes have different purposes. For example there are single purpose themes, that cater to a particular uses, a blogging website or an artists portfolio website, are examples that single purpose themes would cater to. If you have a clear idea and have no plans to change the theme, then a single purpose theme is probably right. Multi-purpose themes have more flexibility built into the design and can be customized to a much greater extent. Thus they cater for sites that have more than one main goal or need to be flexible enough to allow for future changes.

Customizing your WordPress Web Design

A WordPress web design has the ability to choose a theme. This is where you can customise the look and feel of your site using the theme’s built in customisation options. Usually paid themes have more of these through the addition of plugins which can further customise the look and function of your site. Clients can use custom Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and custom code to enhance their site. Though these sort of customisations are usually best left to web developers. Finally through the use of these customisations, even sites that are using the SAME theme can look and feel completely different.

Easy to update

Wordpress releases patches and updates frequently and you get these notifications on your WordPress Dashboard. Clients can run updates at the touch of a button. They automatically place your site in maintenance mode temporarily while the update is in progress. Then WordPress seamlessly brings your site back on-line when the update is complete. Our customers find, that WordPress websites are easy up tokeep up to date. That makes your WordPress web design less vulnerable to viruses, malware and other nasties.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

Google recognizes and knows WordPress web designs, and WordPress is already SEO friendly. With the addition of SEO plugins like SEO by Yoast makes improving your site’s ranking much easier. Yoast SEO gives each page or post a SEO score which you can improve by adding h1 h2 h3 headings, adding image tags, titles, keywords, keyword density, improving readability, xml sitemaps and adding relevant links and content to your posts and pages. This gives our clients a convenient way of helping to ensure their WordPress website is on target for SEO. Of course SEO is an on going process where content is king. Starting out with the right tools certainly eases your SEO journey as you improve and update your site.